Alessio Mida

Wedding In Italy films project creator. He is a filmmaker and director of photography. Alessio was educated and graduated in Cinema at the Univeristy of Rome…
Right after univeristy he trained his skills in editing at the school … and his photo technique at the… During the univeristy experience he took the chance to travel abroad where he worked combining new technique of filming and massive inspiration for his photos. He fluently speak English, French, Spanish and German.
As he moved his first steps into the film world traveling he constantly brings all the experience of the live filming of nature into the wedding filming work. Reportage, in fact, is the techinque he appreciates the most. In his short films of your wedding day, you will find the very same sacredness and secret beauty you can enjoy while admiring a beautiful landscape.

Hi finds his motto in John Berger’s words “What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time”.

Marco Caruso

I was born in 1982, I was lucky enough to be able to let myself be inspired by the beauty and history of Florence, before moving to the romantic and enchanting Maremma.
Specialized in wedding reportage, I love to tell love in all its nuances.
After a few years of apprenticeship, since 2014 I have started my personal photo business, over being in collaboration with Wedding in Italy Films Studio.
I always wanted to play or write, but nothing makes me feel part of a story like having a camera in my hands

Valentina Franci

Wedding & Event planner, she organizes weddings for Italians and foreign couples, in places between dream and reality blend together.
She has also been involved in luxury events, conferences and meetings for fifteen years.

Nicoletta Del Gaudio

I’m Nicoletta Del Gaudio Wedding Planner and Designer and I help you to organize your wedding in Tuscany and Sardinia. I organize custom-made weddings and for couples like you who want to live their special day with a perfect Mediterranean style, refined, romantic and in perfect harmony with the territory. This is why I follow the bride and the groom with absolute passion throughout the organizational and planning process, helping them to achieve their perfect day.

Giulio Romagnoli

I am Giulio, a photographer and videomaker and I have been dealing with “frames” since 2009.
I approached photography thanks to the photos of Ansel Adams and from him I started to observe the environments, the landscapes photography. Later I focused a lot on portrait photography and the study of cinematographic photogenia. I shot some short films as camera operator, and I consider the seventh art the highest point of audiovisual creations.

I have been collaborating with Wedding in Italy Films for two years by now, both as a photographer and as a video maker.